Reducing the Cost of Medical Procedures

Reducing the Cost


The rising cost of health care is alarming with no end in sight.  Reducing the cost of medical  procedures is a priority we should all take seriously.   With  insurance premiums going up on an average of 30% a year,  Most Americans are paying more and receiving less benefits every year due to higher deducts to meet insurance compensation payment.

There are a lot of options  to choose from when selecting a strategy that works best for your medical coverage requirements.  There are HMO, PPO, HSA,  FSA , and  plans such as Ameriplan that reduce the out of pocket costs of medical treatments.  You can also purchase plans  such as AARP and others like it to work in conjunction with tradition health plans to offset additional expenses.

The graph shown above gives you a clear picture of  the direction we are heading in with medical expenses.  The situation is getting worse and that is why you need to protect yourself  from this insanity.

With an HMO, PPO, and a HSA plan, you are responsible for 10 to 20 percent of the costs until you meet the required deductible. Watch out and beware of going out of the network according to your plan. It could cost you as much as 50% of the doctor or hospital bill.

Ameriplan and other discounted medical services have no out of network or  pre-existing penalty consequences.  You can search and setup an appointment  with a qualified participating  doctor online.  Typical savings on these discounted services can cut your costs on vision care by 20 to 60 percent,  25 to 80 percent on dental work, and up to 50% on doctor office visits.  The month premium is around 50 dollars,  which is far less than  600 to 800 dollars a month for a traditional  HMO or PPO insurance coverage plan.

Discounted medical plans have their limitations.  The purpose of a plan like this is to start reducing some of  the cost you can and still pay a low monthly premium.  A  plan such as  this  could  save you a lot of money in the long run and provide some really great benefits.  Learn more about this alternate option and see what it has to offer.


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